We manufacture medical devices for halotherapy in the form of inhalation with dry salt aerosol. Halogenerator DC-407 has a medical certificate of a notified body by the Ministry of Health.

Aerosol of the particle size of 1-5μm reaches the deepest parts of the bronchial tree, thanks to which the effectiveness supported by clinical trials reaches 85% using a natural substance that is completely safe for people of all ages.

Halogenerator Salsano

Graduation tower Salsano

  A standalone type inhaler. The Salsano graduation towers can be used throughout the year with a precisely set concentration of salt aerosol.

Inhalatorium Salsano

Inhalatorium wewnętrzne Salsano

  Comprehensive internal Salsano Inhalatorium. Specially developed solutions allow to create an Inhalatorium in almost every room.


Thanks to the applied solutions, the Halogenerator supplies the aerosol into the room continuously, which is particularly important for maintaining the therapeutic concentration of the aerosol.

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