Inhalatorium  Salsano

The inhalatorium can be created in almost any room. It should only be equipped with specialist equipment. The dry salt aerosol is delivered to the halotherapy room from the technical room adjacent to the wall, which gives convenience during operation and maintenance. The reliable Salsano system guarantees ease of use at very low operating costs.

Inhalatorium wewnętrzne Salsano

1. Why is the concentration of salt spray in the Salsano Inhalatorium stable over the entire inhalation cycle?

For the proper functioning of the Inhalatorium, it is necessary to ensure proper work parameters throughout the therapeutic cycle, and in particular it is necessary to:

Proper air circulation is responsible for the even saturation of salt spray in the entire room. It is important to properly orient the ventilation train and create overpressure in the technical room. The aim is to have identical therapeutic conditions in every place of the inhalatory room. The correct positioning of the exhaust fans, which are responsible for the even distribution of the aerosol, is crucial for the creation of therapeutic conditions.

The air humidity is largely responsible for the proper concentration of salt aerosol. The proper humidity of the air will enable conducting the therapy throughout the year with the preservation of inhalation parameters. Some seasons are characterized by elevated air humidity. Individual small particles of a dry salt aerosol then become hygroscopic and absorb water from the air increasing their size. Then these enlarged wet molecules are combined in the process of coagulation into even larger particles. Larger particles do not reach the deeper parts of the bronchial tree, thereby reducing the positive effects of halotherapy. Therefore, it is safer to use an air dryer that automatically switches on when the humidity exceeds a certain value.

A Halogenerator with a medical certificate of a notified body by the Ministry of Health was used to produce a dry salt spray in the Salsano Inhalatorium. The device is completely safe and the particles of the aerosol are 1-5μm in size, which allows you to reach the deepest parts of the bronchial tree, making the therapy extremely effective in the fight against all respiratory problems. Cleansing the respiratory system improves the overall efficiency of the body, and people with health problems speed up recovery.

2. In order to ensure the proper concentration of salt spray, proper devices are necessary

Salsano DC-407 Halogenerator – produces a highly-dispersive dry salt aerosol. Thanks to the applied solutions, the generator supplies the aerosol into the room in a continuous manner, which is particularly important due to the fact that the microparticles maintain their highest activity only for about 100 seconds from the moment of fragmentation. This is the time when molecules should be in our bronchial tree. The microscopic particles reaching the deepest parts of the respiratory system effectively regenerate and help us return to good condition with the use of a natural substance.

Inhalatorium located in rooms inside the building is less exposed to fluctuations in air humidity. However, it is not possible to avoid a situation where the humidity exceeds appropriate threshold, so it is worth taking into account the installation of the dehumidifier in the technical room. Increased humidity already at the stage of salt crushing in the halogenerator mill will cause particles absorbing water from the air to become sticky and combine with each other. This prevents the formation of an aerosol with a particle size of 1-5μm. The entire investment due to the lack of a dehumidifier can not be used in 100%, because we can not use the inhalatorium during periods of high humidity.

For the correct operation of the inhaler, it is necessary to ensure proper ventilation, which corresponds among other things to the proper parameters of the concentration of salt aerosol during the therapeutic cycle.
The most common is the use of two fans. One of them blows air into the technical room, the other one ejects the air from the inhalatorium outside.
The direction of the ventilation train starts from the fan that pumps the air into the technical room. Hypertension is created in the technical room. The Halogenerator produces a salt spray, mixes it with air and blows it into the inhaler. To ensure an even distribution of the aerosol in the entire inhalatory room, an exhaust fan should be installed on the opposite side in relation to the place where the halogenerator is installed. The fan ejects the used air outside.

Pomieszczenie inhalatorium z halogeneratorem

3. Advantages of the Salsano Inhalatorium

The demand for electricity during the session oscillates around 0.15 kW. The salt consumption is about 30g / h, so the salt cost is about $0.05 / h.

Microprocessor control guarantees excellent reproducibility of therapeutic sessions. This has been confirmed in an accredited laboratory in the certification process according to the PN-EN 60601-1 standard for medical devices.

The analysis of clinical trials carried out in numerous medical facilities made the device qualify as a medical device in class IIa. Confirmed effectiveness in relation to all diseases of the respiratory system. The certification body has the necessary notification of the Ministry of Health.

Collective inhalations in confined spaces expose participants to mutual infection with droplets. By using a dry salt aerosol we minimize this threat because of its bactericidal properties.

Different seasons differently affect the airways. Allergy to pollen occurs during the pollination of plants, inhections usually fall in autumn and winter. We have problems with sinus or asthma throughout the year. Halotherapy was helpful for all these problems. In Salsano inhalers, we can benefit from its benefits throughout the year.

Until recently, halotherapy was associated with salt grottos, and the aerosol that was supposed to be present in the atmosphere was to arise automatically. Nobody explained what a physical phenomenon would do. Fortunately, this period of unconsciousness goes back to the past. Today we know that brittle salt on the walls and floor can not be a source of salt spray. The halotherapy facility is no longer associated with the need to purchase 20 tons of salt. Salt is not needed in this room. The walls, floor and ceiling should allow periodic cleaning to get rid of accumulated dust and allergens. This new approach to halotherapy saves us the cost of adapting the room. It is enough to clean the room, or paint or decorate the walls. We do not pour tons of salt on the floor anymore. We could not clean it up.

Since we already know that the aerosol in the air that generates the halogenerator is the key to success and health improvement, it is enough to clean up any room by putting it on the inhalatorium.

We are happy to share our knowledge supporting the creation of professional small and large halotherapy facilities. You can count on our support at every stage of the project implementation.

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