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A standalone type Tężnia inhaler. In contrast to the nineteenth-century solutions of external graduation towers, Salsano graduation towers can be used throughout the year with a precisely set concentration of salt aerosol. The reliable Salsano system guarantees ease of use at very low operating costs.

1. Why is the concentration of salt spray in the Salsano graduation tower stable throughout the inhalation cycle?

For the proper functioning of graduation towers it is necessary to ensure proper work parameters throughout the therapeutic cycle, and in particular it is necessary to:

The salt becomes hygroscopic under conditions of increased humidity. This is an undesirable effect from the point of view of the best therapeutic conditions. Moist aerosol particles quickly increase in size, which means that they do not reach the deeper parts of the respiratory system, significantly reducing the effects of halotherapy. The control of air humidity, the external tilting plant is of particular importance due to the changing weather conditions. The technical solutions adopted by us guarantee a stable operation of the Tężnia Inhalatorium throughout the year.

The proper air circulation guaranteeing the proper concentration and distribution of the salt aerosol is carried out with the help of fans. The distribution of the aerosol begins with the central point where the dry salt aerosol is produced. The blower fans supply fresh air, which is mixed by a halogenerator with a high-intensity aerosol of 1-5μm. The aerosol blown inside the graduation tower is directed by means of exhaust fans placed in appropriate places on the external wall. In this way, an even distribution of the aerosol in the entire graduation tower is ensured.

A medical device called a halogenerator is responsible for the production of the aerosol. Dry salt aerosol is definitely safer and more effective than aerosol produced from brine, which is confirmed by numerous clinical studies. Dry salt aerosol does not cause bronchospasm, which unfortunately is possible with brine aerosol, therefore inhalations with dry salt spray do not require the supervision of a doctor. In Tężnia Salsano, a Halogenerator has been used and has a medical certificate issued by the Ministry of Health.

2. In order to ensure the proper concentration of salt spray, proper devices are necessary

Certified medical device Salsano DC-407 Halogenerator produces an aerosol in the size of a single particle of 1-5μm, which guarantees the possibility of penetration to the deepest parts of the bronchial tree. A negatively charged molecule penetrating the airways absorbs moisture from the surrounding air creating a microscopic brine droplet. Microdroplets settle on the mucous membrane of the entire bronchial tree making the therapy extremely effective in relation to all respiratory system diseases

The dehumidifier ensures proper parameters of the air supplied to the Halogenerator and to the Salsano graduation towers. Salt under conditions of increased humidity becomes hygroscopic by binding water from the air. This causes the adhesion of aerosol particles to each other, small molecules merge with each other, then the slightly larger ones merge with the next ones. There are drops that due to their size are stopped at the beginning of the respiratory system, that is in the nose. Such therapy does not serve anything. Some seasons are characterized by higher humidity, so the technical room should be equipped with an automatic air dryer, which switches on if necessary.

The uniform distribution of salt spray in the entire room is crucial for the proper functioning of the therapy function in the Salsano graduation tower. In traditional graduation towers, only in strong winds, the aerosol is present in the ground zone, but unfortunately there are few strollers at that time. Modern solutions guarantee a stable atmosphere throughout the year. In Tężnia Salsano technical room is located in the middle of graduation towers. It is from this point that the distribution of the aerosol into the entire room begins. Four blowing fans guarantee a proper spray distribution. In turn, adequately placed exhaust fans break down the aerosol so that each inhaler will have the same therapeutic conditions guaranteed.

The graduation tower Salsano is a complete solution for external graduation towers. It consists of a graduation building with construction elements and technical infrastructure responsible for the production and even distribution of salt aerosols.
The construction of the building is made of bent wood, glued and impregnated with pressure. The bending and gluing technology allows for the precise and easy assembly of the building and allows the wood to be given any shape. Thanks to this, we do not have to adapt to existing standards, we can receive a product that we exactly need. This modern technology guarantees the best quality, aesthetics and exceptional durability.

Tężnia Salsano

3. The advantages of Salsano Graduation Towers

The demand for electricity during the session oscillates around 0.15 kW. The salt consumption is about 30g / h, so the salt cost is about $0.05  / h.

In traditional external graduation towers, the consumption of electricity is on average depending on the size of 5-60 kW and is the most important operating cost of graduation towers. To the extent that it is often necessary to build a transformer station to supply such a facility. Unfortunately, enormous energy consumption does not translate into a therapeutic atmosphere.

Halogenerator in the certification process has been tested in an accredited laboratory and obtained a completely positive opinion. This is a guarantee of repeatability. A stable concentration of salt spray is provided by the Halogenerator and the proper air parameters in the room. Thanks to this, the Salsano Inhalatorium can work all year round, ensuring proper salt inhalation parameters. Spa treatment in the form of inhalation requires daily therapy for 10 to 20 days. Thanks to the repeatable parameters in the inhalatorium, the effectiveness of the therapy is extremely high.

The medical certificate of the notified body by the Ministry of Health was issued after a thorough analysis in terms of safety and effectiveness of therapy. Numerous clinical studies confirming the high efficiency of halotherapy in all respiratory diseases were helpful during the qualification.

A dry salt aerosol is bactericidal which guarantees epidemiological safety, in contrast to brine aerosol in which microbes have excellent conditions for reproduction.

The fact of using the therapy in a closed room makes it a year-round, completely independent from weather conditions. In traditional graduated external graduation towers, the salt spray occurs periodically, and its concentration depends, among others, on the air temperature, insolation, direction and intensity of wind and air humidity. These parameters change not only during the year, but also during the day.

Today, graduation towers are usually built in places where there is no source of brine. This requires the construction of tanks and the work of graduation towers in closed cycle. This generates high costs and an epidemiological threat is created because microorganisms multiply in salt water. The graduation tower Salsano does not require the construction of a tank, a transformer station for supplying pumps. This makes the construction cost incomparably lower, with significantly higher therapeutic parameters.

The construction of the graduation tower Salsano is made of ready-made elements made of bent wood. Thanks to this technology, we obtain an interesting architectural form, solid construction and very short construction time of the facility. All elements arrive at the construction site at the same time, and assembly time is only a few days.

The developed project documentation allows obtaining a building permit in the shortest possible time. The documentation is an integral part of the product and therefore the customer does not bear any additional costs.

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