Halogenerator Salsano

Salsano DC-407 Halogenerator – produces a highly-disperse dry salt aerosol. Thanks to the applied solutions, the generator supplies the aerosol into the room in a continuous manner, which is particularly important due to the fact that the microparticles maintain their highest activity only for about 100 seconds from the moment of fragmentation.

The condition for the effectiveness of halotherapy is reaching the salt aerosol particles to the deep parts of the bronchial tree, which is why the particles can not exceed 5μm.

1.Basic information about the halogenerator

A size aerosol 1-5µm

Power 70W

Power supply voltage 110-240V

weight: 15 kg
Dimensions: 455/555/323 mm

Halogenerator has a medical certificate of a notified body by the Ministry of Health.

The assembly should be made in accordance with the figure below

Ventilation in the inhaler must be forced and targeted. All ventilation air must flow through the technical room where the halogenerator is installed.

2.Halotherapy can be used as a health service

Sanatorium is a natural place where haloterapi is used

Inhalations with dry salt aerosol prevent the development of colds and purify the airways. School giving halotherapy takes care of the health of its wards, going against the threat of civilization.

Cleansing the respiratory system results in increased efficiency and improved results.

Less physical activity slows down the respiratory system, which results in mucus retention. Inhalations with a dry salt aerosol dilute the secretion and facilitate its expulsion.

SPAs focused on improving health follow social needs on a regular basis. One of the most important problems of today’s society is the inefficient respiratory system. Oxygen deficiency slows down the brain and all of our organs. We are sadder, less productive at work and constantly tired.

Fighting with smog is a long-term process stretched over time, it is impossible to exclude dust from our air, we can not do it quickly.


With the help of halotherapy, we can clean our respiratory system quickly and safely.

3.The advantages of using a dry salt aerosol genererator

Energy consumption is only 70W. Possibility of using evaporated salt.

Clinical trials prove the high efficiency of halotherapy in relation to all respiratory diseases.

Prof. Samoliński from the Medical University estimates that the number of allergy sufferers and asthmatics in our country can reach almost 19 million.

Who among us does not know problems with sinus?

The effectiveness of halotherapy reaches 80% in relation to all respiratory diseases.

Graduation tower

A standalone type inhaler. The Salsano graduation towers can be used throughout the year with a precisely set concentration of salt aerosol.

Inhalatorium Salsano

Inhalatorium wewnętrzne Salsano

Comprehensive internal Salsano Inhalatorium. Specially developed solutions allow to create an Inhalatorium in almost every room.

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