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KJD – Health promoting and Wellness Solutions

Generator aerozolu solnegoKJD activity is a response to market demand for pro-health solutions and wellness. Our mission is to promote solutions for a healthy lifestyle. Skip to »

Our goal is a sustainable building of awareness of the benefits of Halotherapy. To this end, we have developed solutions for salt aerosol generation – the device Halogenerator Salsano and we have implemented educational platform, which introduces the benefits of Halotherapy. Skip to »

Advanced technology serving human health

Halogenerator SalsanoThe SALSANO DC-405 Halogenerator generates a high-dispersion, dry salt aerosol. The quantity of aerosol generated is controlled by a microprocessor in real time. As a result, the delivery of aerosol to the halotherapy room is continuous. This is crucial, given that the microparticles remain at their most active for a mere one hundred seconds or so after micronisation.

The Salsano DC-405 salt aerosol generator is an automatic device with a selection of themed programmes. Thanks to this programmability, it is ideal for use in indoor spaces of all sizes, small, medium and large, such as restaurants, health clubs and so forth.

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Posses of halotherapy

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Halotherapy. Emerging from behind sanatorium walls and becoming a dynamically developing service.