Salt aerosol balances the skin’s pH, increases its turgor and induces a regenerative process, thanks to which, the skin becomes firmer more supple and more elastic.

Making the most of your clientele’s visit to the sauna.

Salt sauna

A relaxation area by a sauna is an ideal spot for halotherapy.

However, it is absolutely vital to remember that rock salt chippings used for decoration are not a source of salt aerosol. Dry aerosol can only be generated by a halogenerator.

It is also crucial to remember that installing a generator in a sauna itself is completely pointless, since the humidity will destroy the salt aerosol at once. The best place for providing your clientele with the maximum benefits that a SALSANO DC-405 halogenerator can offer them is a relaxation area next to the sauna. The condition of their bodies when they leave it is ideal for enhancing the action of the dry salt aerosol.

When we leave a sauna, our skin has been warmed, its pores are open and the epidermis is softened. The intense sweating process has been suppressed. This situation makes it easier for the salt aerosol to operate on our bodies. Their exposed surface affords the aerosol direct contact with the warmed skin. The body rids itself of unnecessary metabolic products and the skin’s defensive function is enhanced.

The other aspect of halotherapy’s action after a sauna session is its impact on our respiratory system. The high temperature in the sauna causes the blood vessels to dilate, the blood to circulate more quickly and the pulse to accelerate by as much as fifty per cent.

The increase in the activity of the cardiovascular system causes the breathing to accelerate, giving rise to a higher level of lung ventilation. Breathing more deeply allows the aerosol particles, which measure around 2 µm, to reach the deepest sections of our respiratory tract. This is when halotherapy is at its most effective.

The dry salt aerosol cleanses the respiratory system of the dusts, pollens, pollutants and other debris which accumulate there.
Halotherapy is a tried and tested method of cleansing the respiratory tract in order to breathe more freely.

Creating a relaxation room equipped with a SALSANO DC-405 halogenerator will enhance the health benefits of your sauna and add to your facility’s client appeal.