Tai Chi, Tai Ji is a form of gymnastics commonly practiced in China. Thanks to its unquestionable advantages, it has been popularized all over the world. It is the art of self-improvement through learning to control your body and mind, being a safe form of physical recreation for people of all ages with different physical abilities.

Practicing in silence, we focus our attention on ourselves, which in effect gives rise to awareness of our own body and its natural needs.

Gentle harmonious movements increase the flexibility of muscles and tendons, loosen joints and strengthen the muscle groups responsible for the correct, natural posture. Thanks to this, our body increases strength, elasticity and regains balance, the ligaments of the spine become more flexible, the skeletal muscles stabilizing the silhouette strengthen. The breath follows the movement is coordinated with slow and deep breaths, longer or shorter depending on the movements performed

The breath is under our control, it is an element of a harmoniously working organism.
An oxygenated relaxed organism is manifested by an increase in cardiorespiratory fitness, strengthening of the immune forces, reduction of the feeling of tiredness, improvement of memory and concentration.

Tai chi frees us from tension, our attention is directed to the harmony of properly performed movements, we make friends with our body

Performing Tai Chi exercises in an atmosphere rich in salt aerosol, we simulate the situation as if we were practicing on the edge of a stormy ocean or in an active salt mine.
Breathing with saturated salt spray aerosol causes that we additionally clean and improve the airways.
Salt molecules reach the deepest parts of our bronchial tree, dissolve the residual secretion supersaturated with impurities, releasing trapped cilia. Our respiratory system clears itself, regains fitness, improves the efficiency of our respiratory system.