The building looks like traditional graduation towers. The principle of operation, however, is completely different.
In the tractium inhaler, we use a halogenerator that produces a dry salt aerosol.

The development of modern technologies has made it possible to create a device that is capable of producing a dry NaCl aerosol. In this form, negatively polarized salt molecules are able to reach the farthest places of the bronchial tree.

The bactericidal properties of the dry NaCl aerosol allow to use it in group inhalations, in closed rooms without the risk of mutual contagion of patients. Such inhalations can be carried out throughout the year and regardless of the conditions outside and without the risk of bronchospasm. We clean the respiratory system of accumulated dust.

The Halogenerator shreds the salt to a grain size of 1-5 microns and distributes it after the inhaler.

There is no other effective method of aerosol generation. Remember, the salt does not evaporate, the salt remains in the solution. Using this physical phenomenon, the evaporated salt is produced by evaporation of water from brine.

In existing graduation towers with a height of up to 16 m, there is not always an aerosol in the zone around the pub. More here

Halogenerator is an automated device equipped with a control panel, from which one of six dosing programs can be selected. He has a medical certificate of a notified body by the Ministry of Health. The dosage is in the range of 4- 24 mg / m3. A traditional graduation tower is not able to provide such stable conditions
Salt, being naturally present in the human body, directly reaching the mucous membrane, due to its hygroscopicity, causes thinning of the mucus lying there. Thus, it facilitates its removal from the respiratory tract by expectoration. Thanks to its bactericidal properties, it also destroys infectious foci. There is no danger of salt overdose. The therapeutic dose of salt is so small and we owe the high therapeutic effectiveness to direct action in the place of the problem.

Halotherapy has proven to be extremely effective in all respiratory problems, from colds to cystic fibrosis to severe genetic disease. Excellent clinical results in relation to
supports the treatment of cystic fibrosis
chronic bronchitis
ENT diseases
allergic rhinitis
chronic sinus inflammation
inflammation of tonsils
inflammation of the ligaments of vocal cords and larynx
throat infections

The effectiveness of therapy is confirmed by numerous clinical trials carried out in many clinics and spas in the world.
The inhalatorium is fully automated and requires only service in the area of ​​salt filling in the tray and periodic cleaning.