Salt Restaurants

To highlight their flair, what every owner needs is an original and outstanding concept.

How to give your premises an irresistible magnetic force?

The nature of a restaurant’s interior is a reflection of its class. An appealing atmosphere depends on more than the proper arrangement of the tables and seating.

Salt restaurant

Décor in a restaurant should never be left to chance. Nor is it simply a matter of interior design which accords with the principles of the architecture and adds accessories, lighting and music, however important these elements may be. It is the combination of masterly chef and uncommon décor, the chance of dining on sublime cuisine in unusual surroundings, which will keep the clientele coming back for more.

All the top restaurants have a leitmotif. Themes relating to the kind of cuisine being served are very common and the dining culture which goes hand in hand with a cuisine can also provide a leitmotif. Themed décor is another source of leitmotifs. When designing an interior, the originality of the concept needs to be taken into account, as do the predilections and requirements of the clientele.

Halotherapy in a restaurant?

The deepest underground restaurant in the world is located 125m below the surface of the planet in the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Wieliczka is the fourteenth oldest company in the world to have remained active without pause from the moment of its founding. It was established in 1044.

More than a million tourists from all over the world visit the mine every year. The underground restaurant facilities are also used for organised events, for wedding receptions, celebrations and gatherings of all kinds, as well as for company integration meetings and so forth. The healthful dry salt aerosol present in the former galleries is a unique attraction and draws throngs of clients.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology of the SALSANO DC-405 halogenerator, there is no obstacle to creating an above-ground restaurant filled with dry salt aerosol. The halogenerator’s selection of themed programmes means that it can be used for indoor spaces of all sizes. Offering fine dining in such an exceptional and healthful atmosphere is certainly a way of standing out from the competition.

The SALSANO DC-405 halogenerator itself remains invisible to the clientele. It is installed in a utility room adjoining the dining space and the aerosol is blown into the public area via an opening in the dividing wall. Creating a décor which is intertwined with this unusual and health-giving feature will enhance the atmosphere and bring the originality and elegant simplicity of the concept into relief. At the same time, the separate decorative elements should come together in a way which limpidly presents the pure advantages of dining there, celebrating there or organising company events there.

Our health is the most precious thing we possess. A restaurant which actually improves the health of its clientele as they dine will leave the competition standing and bring benefits to owner and clientele alike.

And the awareness of the additional, health-giving advantages should act as a magnetic force, drawing the diners back time and again.

Offer your clientele a dining experience with added value of the highest order.