Arts and Culture Centres

Nurturing not only the mind and the creative spirit, but also the community’s health.

Health is one of the most crucial aspects of society. A healthy society generates less expenditure on health care. The number of sickness-related absences from work falls and the economy improves at both the national and local level as a result. The savings and other economic benefits create opportunities for the development of other areas of social life.

pannaHealthy people enjoy participating in the life of their community and readily take part in a diverse range of activities. And they feel happier in healthy surroundings.

Arts and culture centres are places where members of a local community, children, young people and adults of all ages alike, meet to take part in a wide range of events, classes, workshops and so forth. They are almost always a favourite spot for those who frequent them and are associated with pleasurable experiences and a sense of well-being. So they are perfectly placed both to contribute to the health of society and intensify the sense of well-being they engender.
How can arts and culture centres help alleviate the health problems of the local community?
Almost every second person suffers from an allergic disease and allergy has been described as a twenty-first century epidemic. So halotherapy is a way of offering relief to more or less one in every two local residents. Providing halotherapy in an arts or culture centre is an excellent way of going about this and one which should quickly give rise to an improvement in the health of the local community.

The SALSANO DC-405 halogenerator is equipped with a selection of themed programmes, which means that it can be used in small, medium and large indoor spaces. Offering halotherapy to people of all ages, children, young people, adults and seniors alike, is also possible, since the halogenerator’s programmes allow the correct concentration of salt aerosol to be selected for the age group in question.

The SALSANO DC-405 halogenerator can be employed to provide halotherapy in a range of forms. It can be used in an atmospheric salt cave or salt room. It can deliver healthful dry salt aerosol to any space where classes, workshops or events are being held. And if your arts or culture centre has a café, restaurant or bar, then it can also turn that into an unusual and health-giving spot. Applied in any or all of these ways, it will be an added attraction to be enjoyed by the local community.

Our health is our greatest resource and it determines our accomplishment of all our plans and intentions. When we are healthy and feeling in good form, then we have more energy and function more creatively in both our working and our private lives.

So we are all interested in things which offer us a genuine opportunity to improve both our health and our sense of well-being. And the SALSANO DC-405 halogenerator can certainly provide that.

There will always be support in the community for positive initiatives launched by the local authorities.