Pre-Schools, Nursery Schools and Kindergartens

One potential effect of hypersensitive bronchial reaction is allergic disease. The body’s allergic reactions are most easily curbed during our growing years.

Infectious diseases of the respiratory system are the most common cause of illness in children, with a value of 70%. At the same time, allergies in children are intensifying as a result of increasing environmental pollution and the number of youngsters suffering from them is continually mounting. Allergies are most effectively combated during the period when children are growing because the body’s allergic reactions have not yet become fixed.

Haloterapia w przedszkoluLeft untreated, allergies can develop into asthma. In countries with advanced industrial development, asthma is the most frequently occurring disease among children. It is estimated that, in developed countries, one in ten children suffers from it.
Depending on where we live, pre-school, nursery school or kindergarten is a child’s first educational step outside the home. The task of these institutions is to provide children with the appropriate conditions for their physical, behavioural, cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional development. Their syllabi make it possible for children who may be under-developed or late developers to close the gap.

Pre-schools, nursery schools and kindergartens prepare children to start school and provide working parents with a lifeline in terms of educational childcare. Nowadays, many of them offer additional services in the form of foreign language classes and various extra activities aimed at developing the skills of their young charges. Fortunately, they are also increasingly coming to include services connected with preventive health measures.

An inconsiderable expenditure will significantly raise the standard of health in your pre-school, nursery school or kindergarten.
Can you imagine how grateful the delighted parents of children who don’t succumb to every illness doing the rounds will be?
Halotherapy stimulates children’s immune systems. As a child grows, their body’s immunity increases and the number of specific antibodies rises, thanks to which, the child becomes more resistant to infection in the future.

Halotherapy in pre-schools, nursery schools and kindergartens is a popular preventive measure in many countries around the world. A room filled with healthful dry salt aerosol can serve as a play area or as a space for all sorts of group, educational and fun activities. The efficacy of halotherapy has been confirmed by countless clinical studies carried out by scientific research centres.

To introduce halotherapy into your school, all you need do is install a SALSANO DC-405 salt aerosol generator. The halogenerator is equipped with a grinder which micronises rock salt to a particle size of between 2 to 5µm. The device then combines the particles with air and blows resulting mix into the space occupied by the children.

The SALSANO DC-405 also offers a selection of themed programmes, which means that it can be used for small, medium and large indoor spaces and set to deliver the appropriate concentration of the health-enhancing aerosol.

Thanks to the SALSANO DC-405 halogenerator, your kindergarten or pre-school can become an oasis of health.