Transform an ordinary trip to the cinema into an out-of-the-ordinary experience for your audiences.

Add a mark of distinction to your brand and your audiences will appreciate it.

The tradition of filmgoing dates back to 1895, when the Lumière brothers held their first public screening of projected moving pictures in the Salon Indien du Grand Café in Paris. The event launched the rapid growth and development of cinema, something which continues to this day. Going to the cinema is one of the most popular forms of leisure activity and it is enjoyed by children, young people and adults of all ages alike.

Halotherapy in the cinemas

We go to the cinema on dates, with our friends and on family outings at the weekend. The repertoires of films on offer mean that there is something for everyone; comedies, thrillers, tales of horror, romances, biopics, arthouse all of which leads to cinemas which are bursting at the seams every weekend.

At the same time, research has shown that almost every second person is battling with an allergy. So why not combine a highly popular form of entertainment with care for the health of the audiences?

Using the SALSANO DC-405 halogenerator to provide halotherapy during a film screening is a perfect way of uniting the pleasurable and the healthful. Thanks to the generator’s selection of themed programmes, the dry salt aerosol can be adapted to suit the nature of the audience.

When we watch a film, we experience a wide range of emotions which act on our nervous system. This triggers various physiological changes in our bodies; our blood pressure alters, for instance, as does our pulse and breathing rate.

The emotions also trigger deeper breathing and, as a result, the health-giving dry salt aerosol reaches the deeper-lying parts of the respiratory system. Halotherapy is at its most effective when lung ventilation is increased. So combining the use of a SALSANO DC-405 halogenerator with the roller-coaster emotions induced by a good film is an excellent means of offering your audiences a healthful trip to the cinema.

Watching a film in an auditorium filled with dry salt aerosol is a health-enhancing way of enriching your public’s filmgoing experience.