Salt Chippings and Salt Bricks

Salt is a statement decoration.

Using salt to create the décor of a halotherapy space makes the nature of the facility crystal clear.

Compositions of chips and chunks of rock salt create naturally textured surroundings. Uniformly shaped salt bricks can endow a sense of luxury, whether they are complemented by wooden features, enclosed in a wooden frame or used to build an entire wall. Salt decoration offers interior architects enormous potential for enhancing the aesthetic value of a halotherapy space. When any décor created with salt is backlit, the final effect can be dramatically beautiful.

A primary source for the rock salt chippings used to create a salt cave or decorate other halotherapy spaces is Poland’s Kłodowa Salt Mine (Kopalnia Soli “Kłodowa” S.A.). The mine extracts salt from the Zechstein layer, which was formed by the forces of nature during the Middle to Late Permian; in other words, something in the region of 200 million years ago. The chunks of rock salt, small and large, are hand-selected for the purposes of producing a range of decorative wares.

Carnallite is mined in Pakistan. An evaporite, halide mineral compound of hydrated potassium and magnesium chloride with the formula KMgCl3·6H2O, carnallite can be colourless, white, yellow or red. It has a bitter taste and dissolves easily in water. It occurs in the upper layers of marine salt deposits, alongside rock salt and sylvite. Carnallite is used to obtain metallic magnesium and potassium salts and in the manufacture of artificial fertilisers. In Pakistan, it is also used to produce salt bricks and other practical items. In appearance, it resembles halite; in other words, sodium chloride (NaCl), the rock salt extracted in the Kłodowa Salt Mine. A sweeping range of rock salt and carnallite products are available from Internet shops located in Poland and around the world.

NaCl is an element of the saline present in the human body. Nevertheless, it is absolutely vital to remember that the role played by rock salt chippings is purely decorative; they are not a source of salt aerosol. Regardless of how salt is used in the construction and décor of a halotherapy facility, the dry salt aerosol essential to the inhalation process can only be produced by a halogenerator. In an above-ground facility, nothing but a halogenerator can recreate the atmosphere prevailing in the chambers of the Wieliczka, Bochnia, Kłodowa and other natural salt mines. Only a halogenerator can create a healthful halotherapy facility.

A salt-based décor is just what it says; decorative. The SALSANO DC-405 halogenerator is a state-of-the-art source of salt aerosol.