Halogenerator, salt aerosol generator used in the salt cave, and other halotherapyobjects.

Halogenerator is an automatic device. The use of a salt cave helps with allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. The first person who noticed that the air rich in salt aerosol has a beneficial effect on health was Dr. Felix Boczkowski of Wieliczka. He watched the miners working in the mine. He noted that people do not suffer from respiratory diseases. Thus began the rapid development of halotherapy, which continues to this day dzisiejszego. Today we can not, just like the miners produce an aerosol in a natural way. For this reason, special equipment built – halogenerators that produce the salt aerosol. They can be installed in any room designed to accommodate people. Many utilities may expand its range of halotherapy application. Miners at work were physically active, which increased ventilation of the lungs. Today, just as they can use the inhalation aerosol hydrochloric during physical activity such as fitness, yoga, fitness, dance, everything according to our liking. Health is a value can not be overestimated. Halogenerator price compared to the price of health is a low cost, which can significantly improve the health of customers visiting our facility.

It is worth mentioning also that the dry salt aerosol has antibacterial properties. We can not say that about a wet aerosol used in the case of evaporation of the brine. Therefore, the wet aerosol inhalation generally take place individually, because there is the risk of Infectious Disease. Inhalation aerosol dry hydrochloric may be held collectively as pathogens exhaled by others are neutralized by bactericidal dry salt aerosol.

This feature allows you to spray dry the safe use of halotherapy in different places. Our customers do not have to worry about that is the cause of disease or colds after a visit to our facility, even in flu season. Halogenerator in our facility more attractive to stay and encourage customers to frequent visit and use our services.