Advanced technology at the service of human health

Modern technological advances extend the therapy until recently reserved for natural health resorts. HT application is becoming more common not only in the service spas. The proper function of natural medicine center is primarily determined by functional layout and equipment of the equipment and systems. Treatment Modern technology becomes more precise and requires adherence to a strict operating rules. With new devices such as halogenerator number of different treatments that can be taken to increase. Treatments involving modern equipment to meet the highest demands of scientific balneology not only in terms of the effectiveness of treatments but allow for more economical exploitation of raw materials cubicles. Determining optimal technical solutions shall be based on objective scientific basis and experience of professionals spas.

Comparative analyzes support engineers in the scientific assessment will encourage the development of new solutions for the benefit of us all. Modern medicine frequently reaches aerosoloterapii methods that are used in many areas of clinical and medicinal purposes. This is not only convenient but also quick acting means to bring the body of substances characterized by high coefficient of absorbability. The administration of inhaled aerosols is closely related to issues concerning the amount of fog, content, density, stability, dose fog, the degree and size of the scattering.

From the above parameters, as well as electrical properties of the aerosol and the force of gravity, as well as the flow rate of the respiratory air stream depends not only on the ability of the drug to penetrate the fog inhalation, but also its optimal sedimentation and resorption in the mucous membranes. Mist of very fine dispersion, and hence high and uniform dispersion, settling in the deepest sections of the respiratory tract, where they are absorbed more than 50% of the initial amount. By taking the dispersion characterized by the presence of large droplets is absorbed a small part of the generated mist.

The most preferred particle size of the resorption in the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract are between 1,8-5 μ. Halogenerator allows the fragmentation of salt into fine salt aerosol particles that reach the deepest lung party. The aim of the therapeutic effectiveness of mist produced is therefore necessary to include a number of different factors and appropriate selection of parameters zabiegowych.Stąd also development issues associated with the production of medicinal mist depends, among other things strictly from technical progress in the construction of the apparatus.

The apparatus currently in use allows obtaining aerosols of parameters adapted to the changing requirements of treatment and control of fog in each segment and for each depth of respiratory organ.